Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Casino Game

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is a fantastic combination of popular land-based Money Wheels and the theme of Pragmatic Play’s slot game Sweet Bonanza, which is one of the most well-known.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land Review

Pragmatic Play has crafted a stunning Sweet Bonanza live casino version that combines physical elements and computer graphics. When playing this game, you are immersed in an energizing candy landscape with vibrant hues, dynamic lighting, and captivating sounds plus animations that adjust to the progress of your playtime. Plus – unlike other online casino games – Sweet Bonanza Candy Land is available 24/7 as it’s broadcast live by jolly hosts!

Developer Pragmatic Play
Release year 2021
Type Live Casino
Theme Candy and Fruit
RTP 96.48% – 96.51%
Volatility Medium-High
Min. bet €0.2
Max. bet €3,000
Max. win 20,000x the stake
Special features Sweet Spins, Candy Drop, Sugar Bomb
Mobile compatible Yes
Demo version No

Candyland Sweet Bonanza Live Dealer Game Rules

This game centers around a large, colorful wheel, adorned with 54 unique segments, each holding its own special value and potential rewards.

The Game Wheel and Its Fields:

  • Yellow Field (Number 1): This is the most common field, appearing 23 times on the wheel. If the wheel stops here, your bet is rewarded with an equal multiplier.
  • Blue Field (Number 2): Present 15 times on the wheel, landing on this field doubles your bet.
  • Purple Field (Number 5): A rare find, this field multiplies your bet by five.
  • Red Field (Number 10): The least common, but the most rewarding, this field increases your bet tenfold.

In addition to the numbered fields, there are special bonus fields marked in red stripes, brown, and dark purple. These activate the game’s unique slot features:

  • Sweet Spins Feature
  • Candy Drop Feature
  • Sugar Bomb Feature

Players place their bets on any of the wheel’s segments, hoping it lands on their chosen field in the next spin. While fields 1 and 2 are more likely to come up, given their frequency on the wheel, they offer lower multipliers compared to the less common fields.

How to Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land offers an engaging yet straightforward gaming experience. For starters, you can comfortably watch the gameplay unfold in a casino online before deciding to participate. This observational phase allows you to get a feel for the game’s dynamics. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the gameplay:

  1. Setting Your Bet: Decide on the amount you wish to wager. The smallest bet amount is a mere €0.20 for each game, while those who prefer larger stakes can place bets as high as €3,000 per game. The interface conveniently displays your current balance in the lower left section, helping you make an informed bet.
  2. Choosing Your Playing Field: Just below the grand wheel, you’ll find various playing areas. Here, you can effortlessly select your preferred fields for the upcoming round.
  3. Waiting for the Game Start: After placing your stake, remember that the round might not kick off instantly. This pause allows all participants ample time to finalize their bets calmly.
  4. Awaiting Outcomes: The host will spin the wheel. It is up to you to wait for the outcome of the round.

Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bonus Features

The game includes three distinct elements, each activated by specific segments on the wheel, leading to exclusive bonus rounds. Let’s delve deeper into what these elements entail and the nature of these bonus stages.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Sweet Spins

The most exhilarating part of this game is when the wheel lands on the Sweet Spins bonus slot. You will be taken to a slot machine experience similar to Sweet Bonanza Xmas and given 10 free spins with each win awarding you a multiplier! These multipliers accumulate until all your spins are complete, multiplying your bet accordingly. Plus, Lollypop symbols in Sweet Spins could earn you additional gratis turns.

Sweet Spins Game

Candy Drop

Your adventure begins with a choice of three colors, after which you will embark on an exciting pachinko-style game! Bounce the ball from top to bottom as it collects multipliers and other bonuses along the way. When your journey ends, those bonuses are added up – and that’s when you receive your prize!

Candy Drop Game

Sugar Bomb Booster

When a wheel lands on this segment, it will reveal a multiplier of up to 10x. Then, the host will respin the wheel, and once it stops spinning again, your earnings from the initial spin in addition to the value of your multiplied amount can be yours! Your bet stays with you for both spins.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP, Volatility, and Max Win

The game stands out with its high volatility, meaning players can experience large wins, though less frequently. The payout percentage for the Candyland Sweet Bonanza Live game ranges from 91.59% to 96.95%. The exact distribution of the Return to Player (RTP) remains a bit of a mystery, but it’s reasonable to anticipate that the ‘Number One’ segment carries the bulk of the 96.95% rate. Odds are higher for the wheel to land on this ‘Number One’ segment more frequently. On the other hand, the ‘Sweet Spins Bonus’ segment, representing only one section of the wheel, shows a lower performance with a hit frequency of just 1.85%. The game’s maximum win potential is impressive, offering up to 20,000x the spin stake, making it a thrilling option for those seeking substantial rewards.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker

The tracker is a sophisticated tool designed for enthusiasts of the game, enabling them to monitor their gaming outcomes meticulously. This innovative feature aids players in understanding their performance, thereby assisting them in refining their game tactics for enhanced benefits. The tracker records every spin a player makes, detailing the wager amount, the specific bonus round engaged in, and the results of each spin. It efficiently computes the aggregate of wins, the average size of earnings, and the total number of spins. Utilizing this data, players can conduct a thorough analysis of their gaming pattern, identifying effective strategies to augment their victory prospects.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Stats

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Statistics offers insightful data regarding player performance in the game. This feature allows access to the outcomes of the most recent 500 rounds. Numerous players consult these stats prior to joining a game session, often to identify potential patterns and devise strategic plans that could enhance their prospects of earning.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Stats

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Strategy

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for anyone to promise you success or failure as it all comes down to luck, but there are several tips and tricks that can help players increase their chances of success. Acknowledging the game’s intrinsic high volatility is crucial. This characteristic implies that victories might be sporadic, but when they do materialize, they’re often substantial. Consequently, it’s wise to tailor your betting approach to align with your financial capacity.

Effective Sweet Bonanza Candyland tactics include:

  • Prioritize Bonus Game for Enhanced Earning Probabilities: Focusing your bets on the bonus fields within the game can remarkably improve your chances of success.
  • Harmonize Your Stakes in Number Games: In scenarios where you’re engaging in the numbers game, it’s imperative to distribute your bets evenly. This ensures that each number yields a consistent return, balancing the risk and reward.
  • Align Stake Sizes with Your Bankroll: Modulating your wager amounts in accordance with your current financial reserve is a strategic move. This practice enables you to play more judiciously, thereby minimizing the potential for substantial financial setbacks.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland App

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland Mobile APK allows users to download and install the game directly onto their Android devices for quick and convenient access anytime, anywhere. With this innovative new tool, players can enjoy all of their favorite features from the desktop version in one easy-to-use package – including bonus rounds, multipliers up to 500x, and more! Downloading the APK is fast, free, and secure – giving you everything you need for hours of entertainment at home or on the go!

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Demo

You can’t actually play this game in its demo version for free, but you don’t have to wager anything; you can spectate it for free! That’s right – there is no need to place bets just to watch the game. Simply log in to your favorite online casino (1Win Casino, Stake Casino, 1xBet Casino), select Sweet Bonanza Candyland from the list of games in the live dealer section, and you are good to go! This is a great way to get familiar with the game before wagering for real money.


Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live is an exciting game with captivating visuals, multiple bonus elements, and the potential for big wins! With its high volatility level, it’s important to bet within your bankroll. Additionally, take advantage of the Tracker and Stats features to gain insight into your performance and optimize your strategies for maximum returns. Finally, don’t forget about the mobile APK that allows you to download this thrilling experience directly onto any Android device – giving you quick access anytime, anywhere!


Does Sweet Bonanza Candyland have a mobile APK?

Yes, the game has an APK that allows you to download and install the game directly onto your Android device. The APK is free, fast and secure - giving you everything you need for hours of entertainment.

What are some tips for playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

It is important to manage your bankroll and bet within your budget when playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland. Additionally, make use of the Tracker and Stats features to gain insight into your performance and optimize your strategies for maximum returns.

What is the maximum multiplier in Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

The maximum multiplier in the game is 500x. This feature can provide big rewards when triggered, so be sure to take advantage of it whenever possible. Additionally, keep an eye out for bonus rounds and mini-games that may boost your chances of success even further!

What is the Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bonus Features?

The Bonus Features are a series of special features that can be triggered during gameplay. These features are called when there is a dropout Sweet Spins, Candy Drop, and Sugar Bomb Symbol.

Can I play the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand live slot for free?

No, unfortunately, you cannot play the demo Sweet Bonanza CandyLand for free. However you can spectate and observe the game as others play it. This is a great way to get familiar with the rules and gameplay of the slot machine before you decide to put your own money into it.

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