• An engaging 5-tier Free Spins round complemented by a nugget collection system
  • Players have the opportunity to level up, unlocking guaranteed wild sizes reaching up to an impressive 5x5
  • Exceptional mobile optimization ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience on-the-go
  • A commendable RTP of 96.46%, promising good returns over time
  • Maximum winnings, reaching only 2.015x, fall out with rare probability
  • The high volatility might not sit well with those who prefer seeing frequent but smaller rewards

Bomb Bonanza, one of the latest slot sensation from Pragmatic Play, transports players to a gold-laden mine where they’re joined by a miner with an affinity for dynamite. The allure of mining-themed slots is undeniable, and they’ve become a mainstay in the casino world. The promise of striking it rich mirrors the sudden windfalls that players dream of.

While games such as Gold Digger, Misery MiningxBomb, Mega Mine Nudging Ways, and Dwarfs Fortune have treaded this theme, each brings a distinctive twist in terms of features. This sets the stage for Bomb Bonanza, and as we delve deeper into the mine, the anticipation grows regarding the treasures and surprises that await with each spin.

Name Bomb Bonanza
Provider Pragmatic Play
Type of Slot Video Slot
Theme Mining
Reels 5
Paylines 50
Bonus Features Yes (2)

Gameplay Mechanics and Design

Bomb Bonanza narrates the tale of a zealous miner on his quest to uncover golden treasures beneath the Earth. In the primary gameplay, the reels are positioned atop the mine, in the atmosphere of a wild west town, reminiscent of the gold rush times. To their right, our intrepid miner stands, clutching a bundle of dynamite, eager to reveal the treasures below. The moment the bonus round is ignited, players are whisked away to the depths of the gold-laden mine, signifying a shift in stakes and scenery.

Bomb Bonanza Review

The game unfurls on a spacious 5×5 grid, replete with expanding wilds both in the base and bonus segments. The slot has 50 paylines, to secure a victorious combo, align 3 or more identical symbols on consecutive reels, beginning from the extreme left.

As you tread deeper, collecting gold nuggets can lead to a screen filled with wilds, offering a potential return of 2,105x the stake, which is not that impressive though. Optimally designed, Bomb Bonanza provides players the flexibility of choosing their stakes, with a range spanning from a modest of 0.25 to a robust of 125.


When it comes to Bomb Bonanza’s array of symbols, there’s a distinct divide between the lower and higher-paying emblems.These symbols, as in many slots, emphasize the theme of the game, and play an important role in determining potential winnings:

  • Lower Paying Symbols: J, Q, K, and A. Landing 5 of the same kind rewards between 2X to 3X the wager.
  • Higher Paying Symbols: Pickaxe, Pile of small gold nuggets, Sack filled with gold, The miner himself: Landing 5 of any of these symbols pays between 6X to 12X the bet.
  • Special Symbols: a Wild symbol, represented by a bomb, and the Scatter symbol, which flashes “Free Spin”.

During bonus rounds, golden nugget symbols become the star attraction, ushering in delightful bonuses for those fortunate enough.

Bomb Bonanza Demo

Special Features

The special features of Bomb Bonanza Slot include quite understandable and quite dynamic 3 functions: Wild Symbol, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins.

Wild Symbol

The iconic Wild not only replaces most other symbols (save for scatter symbols) to craft winning combos, but it also packs a payout punch. Netting 3, 4, or 5 wilds rewards you with 1X, 4X, or a staggering 12X your stake.

Expanding Wilds

The dynamism of the game further unravels when a wild appears. These symbols possess the uncanny ability to grow and cover territory in varying directions, be it top-left, bottom-left, top-right, or bottom-right. Depending on their whim, they might sprawl over an area ranging from a modest 1X1 to an expansive 5X5 grid, turning regular symbols wild in the process.

Free Spins

The gold rush begins with the appearance of 3 scatter symbols, ushering you into a world of 6 free spins. The real allure? The shimmering gold nuggets. As they land during these spins, they accumulate in a dedicated meter on the reel’s side. Once they hit their limit, they combust, making room for new symbols to cascade down. The twist lies in the wilds. As you stack up these gold nuggets, they modify the patterns in which wilds expand:

Level 1: Wilds take up a 1X1 space.

Level 2: Amass 5 nuggets and you’re gifted 4 extra spins, with wilds commanding a 2X2 area.

Level 3: Another stash of 5 nuggets? That’s 2 bonus spins, with wilds occupying a 3X3 grid.

Level 4: Yet another collection of 5 golden tokens rewards 2 more spins, as wilds sprawl across a 4X4 grid.

Level 5: A trio of gold nuggets culminates in an additional spin, where wilds reign supreme, covering a colossal 5X5 territory.

Bomb Bonanza RTP and Volatility

With an RTP clocking in at an impressive 96.46%, it surpasses the industry average of 96%. However, a word of caution for the thrill-seekers: its volatility is pegged at the maximum – a whopping 5 out of 5 by the game’s creators. So, while those massive wins are tantalizingly attainable, they might be playing a bit hard to get, but that will make them even more enjoyable if they do fall out.

Bomb Bonanza Demo

Before diving into the real action, players can get a taste of the explosive experience with the Bomb Bonanza Slot Demo, courtesy of Prgmatic Play, with detailed instructions on the rules and features of the game. It’s a great way to familiarize oneself with the game mechanics without committing real money. I found it incredibly helpful, and by the time I was ready to play for real, I felt like a seasoned miner.

Mobile Adaptability

In this digital age where mobile gaming is rapidly gaining momentum, the game Bomb Bonanza has naturally been adapted to work optimally on mobile devices. After testing the game on PC, phone and tablet we can say that the slot is fully adapted for all devices. Visual effects in all cases remained clear and bright, and the gameplay was smooth regardless of the platform used.

Final Thoughts

Bomb Bonanza by Pragmatic Play masterfully melds the classic allure of mining slots with innovative gameplay, taking players on an exhilarating journey into a treasure-laden mine. While the game shines with its engaging 5-tier Free Spins Bonanza system, dynamic expanding wilds, and an above-average RTP of 96.46%, its high volatility and elusive 2,015x max win might not be for everyone.


Is Demo Bomb Bonanza similar to the real game?

Yes, the demo mirrors the main game's features and mechanics, allowing for risk-free familiarization.

How does Bomb Bonanza perform on mobile versus desktop?

The game is optimized for mobile, ensuring smooth gameplay and sharp graphics on both platforms.

What's the winning potential in Bomb Bonanza?

With a 96.46% RTP and medium volatility, the game offers substantial wins, though they may not be frequent.

Can I adjust my betting limits in the game?

Absolutely! Bomb Bonanza caters to both casual gamers and high-rollers with a flexible betting range.

Is there any strategy to improve my odds in Bomb Bonanza?

While slots rely on luck, familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics and setting a budget can enhance your overall experience.

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