• Fun, unique game with classic Slingo elements
  • Great bonus rewards for regular play
  • Exciting exploding sweet bonus round for extra prizes
  • Colorful and bright graphics create a fun atmosphere
  • Low volatility gameplay makes it easy to win regularly
  • Gameplay is relatively simple compared to more complex slots titles

The delightful Sweet Bonanza grid slot by Pragmatic Play is perfect for the Slingo format, with its scrumptious candy land visuals that have been seamlessly adapted. Each round grants 10 spins which can be supplemented if you choose to pay a bit extra – as always! Your goal is to ascend the slingo prize ladder on your left-hand side and there are plenty of special symbols aiding in that pursuit. If you’ve already sampled this hybrid blend before, then you know precisely what kind of experience awaits! If you complete the 5×5 grid of slingos, you can win small cash prizes; however what differs between versions is usually the grandest rewards that come in bonus features resembling slot machines. For example, Slingo Sweet Bonanza contains a Bonus Bomb Pick ‘Em Game which could present wins up to 1,600x your stake!

Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Slingo Sweet Bonanza RTP & Volatility

To fully understand what you can expect from any slot game, it is essential to research the volatility level and theoretical Return to Player percentage. This Slingo Sweet Bonanza slot review has done its best by providing some answers – unfortunately the provider hasn’t revealed this release’s volatility level yet. But don’t worry! We have managed to discover that this game has an impressive RTP of 96.45% (calculated using the most effective strategy).

How to Play Slingo Sweet Bonanza

To play the Slingo Sweet Bonanza slot game, locate the Start Game button – a green circle with white text. Clicking it will initiate ten spins on a 5×5 grid and display nine betting options ranging from €0.20 to €100 for players’ convenience. Additionally, users can find an extra icon at the right side – a green square containing three white lines which opens up another tab with audio control, game rules, and auto-spins settings inside.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza demo

Slingo Sweet Bonanza demo

Slingo Sweet Bonanza Demo

The Slingo Sweet Bonanza demo version gives players a taste of the full game and an opportunity to hone their skills before committing any real money. The grid slot features scrumptious candy land visuals and a 5×5 grid with 10 spins per round. To climb the slingo prize ladder, players must match the numbers (1-90) from its 5×1 reel set. Special symbols can also help you ascend the ladder, offering cash prizes and bonus selections leading to bigger payouts. As with most bingo inspired games, knowing when to buy more spins is key – but don’t forget about the potential of 400x multipliers in the exciting Bonus Bomb Pick ’em game! Try out the Slingo Sweet Bonanza demo today and see if you have what it takes to win big!

Slingo Sweet Bonanza Game Features

With Slingo, you must match the numbers (1-90) from its 5×1 reel set with those generated in each round on the 5×5 grid. You’re granted 10 spins per game, but you also have the option to purchase additional turns if so desired. As you progress up the Slingo Prize ladder, each subsequent slingo (5×5 grids with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines marked off) rewards you with a separate price tag. Three to seven slingos offer cash prizes ranging from 1x – 25x your stake while eight to ten attainments or a Full House give two or four Bonus Bomb selections that come attached with either an x2 or x4 multiplier for the uppermost two tiers on the ladder.

  • The 5×1 slot beneath the 5×5 slingo grid can be home to several unique symbols, including:
  • Wild – grants you the freedom to check off any number on the column located above.
  • Super Wild – with this 5×5 grid, you can choose any number to mark off.
  • Free Spin – boosts your spin count by 1.
  • X – This symbol is a complete dead-end, not leading to any action.
  • Bonus Bomb – If you land three, four or five symbols in view on your screen, you will receive two bonus bomb picks – and if it’s a x2 or x4 multiplier symbol, the reward is even greater with an additional two picks!

The Bonus Bomb Pick ’em Game is your chance to win massive cash prizes up to 400x! Here’s how it works: choose one of four Bombs and receive a multiplier if lucky. Each bomb holds the potential for a 100x payout, but you can increase your prize even further with multipliers – making 400x your stake possible! You can also get extra picks when revealing a Lollipop in the post-feature pick ’em game.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza 200 spins

After securing two slingos from our ten spins round, we had to pay for more spins in order to reach the bonus bomb pick ’em game. Our total stake was 334x and this granted us four picks with a 4x multiplier. To find out if hitting that play button earned us any profit, watch the video below!


Slingo Sweet Bonanza is a fun and engaging game that combines the traditional elements of bingo with modern features such as bonus bombs, multipliers, and extra picks. With its scrumptious candyland visuals and exciting Bonus Bomb Pick ’em Game offering up to 400x your stake in prizes, it’s no wonder why this game has become so popular! Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced player looking for more challenges, Slingo Sweet Bonanza offers something for everyone. If you want to try your luck and find the best casino to play at, for example Unibet casino, you can start the game. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and see if Lady Luck smiles upon you!


How Can I Play Slingo Sweet Bonanza for Free?

Playing Slingo Sweet Bonanza for free is possible by accessing the demo version of the game. This version allows players to get a feel for the game before they commit to playing with real money.

Is Slingo Sweet Bonanza the Best Online Slot?

Whether Slingo Sweet Bonanza is the best online slot game is a difficult question to answer as there are many different factors to consider. On one hand, the game offers an exciting and unique experience with its 5x5 grid, scrumptious candyland visuals, and the exciting Bonus Bomb Pick ’em Game. Players also have the potential to win big with a 400x multiplier. Ultimately, it is up to players to decide if this game meets their expectations.

How Can I Win Real Money From Slingo Sweet Bonanza?

The answer to winning real money from Slingo Sweet Bonanza lies in the Bonus Bomb Pick ‘em Game. Players have the chance to win massive cash prizes up to 400x their stake when they land three, four or five symbols in view on their screen. This will give them two bonus bomb picks and if it is a x4 or x10 symbol, then their prize will be multiplied accordingly. Players should also keep an eye out for the lollipop symbol which grants them extra picks in the Bonus Bomb Pick ‘em Game.

Can I Play Slingo Sweet Bonanza With Bonus Money?

Yes, playing Slingo Sweet Bonanza with bonus money is absolutely possible! Depending on the online casino you are playing at, bonuses can give you extra cash to play with and even free spins. For example, many casinos offer welcome bonuses or reload bonuses which will give you additional funds to play with. Some may also offer special promotions which could give you bonus money to use on Slingo Sweet Bonanza.

What is RTP of Slingo Sweet Bonanza?

The Return to Player (RTP) of Slingo Sweet Bonanza is an impressive 96.46%. This RTP figure means that for every £100 wagered on the game, players can expect to receive £96.46 in winnings. The game also has medium volatility, meaning it has a good balance between smaller frequent wins and bigger less frequent wins. This makes it an ideal game for players who are looking to win big!

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